101 Mobility Creates a Polished Sales Experience Using Technology

As one of the largest and fastest-growing providers of installed mobility and accessibility solutions, 101 Mobility franchise businesses help individuals and businesses across the United States and Canada. 

Its 83 locations (and counting) are independently owned and operated franchise businesses. As a tech solutions provider for the franchise network, FUSION OF IDEAS offers mobile device packaging options that provide the Mobility Consultants the resources they need when meeting with potential customers.

Franchisees have a range of device package options, from the comprehensive package that includes Apple iPad Pro with Apple Pencil and a smart keyboard folio, to the accessories package with just the smart keyboard folio and Apple Pencil. 

“Our Mobility Consultants have a huge advantage over our competitors when they use iPads from FUSION OF IDEAS,” said Jessica Kraszeski, 101 Mobility market manager. “Customers are always impressed with our professionalism, from the sleek branding to the polished sales presentations. We are proud to incorporate the iPad into our sales process.”

All devices and accessories are customized with the 101 Mobility logo and iPads are preloaded with dedicated apps for the sales team. 

“Potential franchise owners always get excited when we demonstrate our iPad sales process – thanks to FUSION OF IDEAS, we’re able to incorporate this valuable tool into our new franchise package and that really sets us apart.”

101 Mobility consultants use custom-branded technology to create an immersive brand experience for their customers.
101 Mobility consultants use custom-branded technology to create an immersive brand experience for their customers.
iPad Pros used by the company's Mobility Consultants include the company logo on the tablet screens and select apps preloaded on the device.
iPad Pros used by the company’s Mobility Consultants include the company logo on the tablet screens and select apps preloaded on the device.

OtterBox OtterSpot Brand Experience

As the workforce is moving to remote workplaces and virtual meetings, it’s more important than ever to stay powered. 

The new OtterBox OtterSpot Wireless Charging System, the world’s first stackable charging system, has the ability to charge multiple batteries and devices at once to ensure fully charged devices all day long. This charging system comes with a charging base and two wireless charging batteries, each offering the perfect canvas for creating a brand experience with your company logo. 

With FUSION OF IDEAS’ full-color UV direct printing process, you never have to worry about the artwork chipping or fading. Additionally, we can offer a customized device sleeve that fits snuggly around the OEM packaging for a pristine unboxing experience, or customized gift wrap for a unique employee or customer gift.

Right now, we are offering an OtterBox OtterSpot Brand Experience that includes the OtterSpot Wireless Charging System with a base and two batteries, with a single artwork on all pieces. Variable design options are available for a unique design on each battery ($10 for each additional design).

Additionally, we are including:

  • Complimentary Personalized Insert Card from the company leader or host to help keep the company brand or message.
  • Complimentary Multiple-Destination Shipping & Handling*

*Actual shipping rates still apply. Individual boxing, labeling and handling will be waived.

OtterBox OtterSpot Brand Experience

To get a complimentary digital rendering of your company logo on an OtterBox OtterSpot, email us at info@fusionofideas.com or call 949-453-0740.

Salon Talk: An Immersive Brand Experience for Social Dry Lounge

Social Dry Lounge (SDL) is a Southern California luxury, full-service hair salon with six locations that offer hair blowouts and professional make-up services. The professionals at Social Dry Lounge aim to make every visit a first-class experience from the moment the customer walks through the doors with comfortable seating, complimentary refreshments, digital entertainment, and professional services. The salon is known for going above and beyond by providing guests with an iPad for personal use throughout their stay. 

For the grand opening of one location, FUSION OF IDEAS partnered with the salon to elevate the brand experience through technology. The back of each iPad used for guests was printed with the salon’s logo along with a stylish silhouette in the background. This imagery was created using tones of white, grey, and blue that match the natural aesthetics of the iPad. 

Additionally, the FUSION OF IDEAS creative team designed a customized digital home and lock screen for the iPads. The devices were also installed with digital content including images of hairstyles offered by the salon, applications that provide users with access to the latest fashion magazines, and social applications like Facebook and Instagram. 

Now used to entertain customers and further enhance the VIP experience Social Dry lounge, these customized devices with digital content are an excellent way to extend an experience into the customers’ hands by providing content that interests both the company and customers. 

FarmLink Reaps the Benefits of a Strong Brand Experience

FarmLink, a Canadian-based grain marketing company, recently hosted its third-annual Grain World Conference and Tradeshow: the only annual Western Canadian event to offer global networking opportunities and exposure to the grain industry.

To build a stronger presence at the event, FarmLink partnered with FUSION OF IDEAS to customize Apple Watches to use at the two-day conference. Each Watch featured the company logo on the Watch band and on the side of the Watch case. Using a laser process, the logo was permanently etched so it will not chip, fade or rub off.

FarmLink features the customized Apple Watch at Grain World Conference
FarmLink features the customized Apple Watch at Grain World Conference

Following a successful event, FarmLink extended the brand experience to its employees by customizing Apple AirPods as holiday gifts. The company’s logo was printed in full-color on the device case using FUSION OF IDEAS’ UV color printing process.

“Thank you for delivering on our branded Apple AirPods and Watches – guests and staff absolutely loved them. Premiums like these align well with FarmLink’s brand: quality, innovation, and market leadership.” – Tenesha Lawson, FarmLink Marketing Solutions.

For more about our brand experience, visit https://fusionofideas.com/branding.php.