Survival Guide for the Last-Minute Gifter

Last-minute gifting? You are not alone. 

The good news is, finding a last-minute gift is easier than ever thanks to next-day shipping, streaming services, and subscription boxes.

When it comes to last-minute gifts, there are still ways to make the recipient feel special and unique through personalization and creating experiences. So before you go online and grab the quickest gift you can find, here are some tips to consider.

Think Outside the (Gift) Box

Gift cards give the recipient the freedom to choose what they want. If you go this route, you can still make the gift card personal. You don’t have to present it as-is from the grocery store stand.

Using a thin vinyl wrap, FUSION OF IDEAS’ StealthArmor branding solution allows you to personalize the front of the gift card with your company name or a unique design.

FUSION OF IDEAS' StealthArmor branding solutions help make gift cards personal and fun for your recipient.
FUSION OF IDEAS’ StealthArmor branding solution helps make gift cards personal and fun for your recipient.


Consider a Charitable Donation

What if a “perfect gift” does not depend on stocked store shelves or online warehouse supplies? 

A new study this year found that 59 percent of Americans would rather receive a donation to charity in their name than a gift for themselves this year. Contributing to a charitable organization can be personal, especially if it is a cause that the recipient cares about. Particularly after another challenging year, many are seeing the importance of supporting our communities and each other. 

Make it a Gift for the New Year

Make your gift one that rings in the New Year. It takes the pressure off the busyness of the holidays – for both the giver and the recipient – and sets a positive tone for the year ahead. 

Choose a gift like premium technology that is a year-round favorite and can be given at any time. 

A gift to welcome in the New Year creates excitement and anticipation for the year ahead.
A gift to welcome in the New Year creates excitement and anticipation for the upcoming year ahead.

Creating a Buzz with Customized Corporate Gifts

Through giving gifts of personalization, OpenJar Concepts, a Southern California-based hybrid marketing agency, has created a buzz among its clients and employees. 

It all began when the company one year, received a custom-branded holiday gift. The OpenJar team was inspired to give something customized and personal using its own logo and a catchy slogan. That year, OpenJar sought to give customized Beats Studio3 headphones as gifts to employees, each wrapped with custom gift wrap. 

“We are a full-service advertising agency, passionate about branding,” said OpenJar Concepts CEO Adam Warren. “We have come to enjoy the idea of branding products that live with our clients for long periods of time. It is tough to beat that kind of awareness.”

That same year was also OpenJar’s eighth anniversary. As a token of appreciation to its top clients on the milestone, the company distributed personalized Apple HomePod speakers and Apple AirPods as customer appreciation gifts.

Warren added, “FUSION OF IDEAS is an amazing way to help make our brand personal.  Our clients were so impressed by the customized holiday gifts we mailed out, that we have continued to utilize FUSION OF IDEAS to expand our catalog of gift items.”

The feedback from clients and employees sparked OpenJar’s plan to continue to give personalized, premium technology as part of their corporate gifting program. From smartwatches to even iPads, the company has since made quite a buzz through thoughtful gift-giving.

“I plan on using FUSION OF IDEAS every year to show appreciation to our clients for the business we have done together,” said Warren.

2021 Holiday Gift Guide

This holiday season, let us help you create a memorable unboxing experience for all your corporate gifting needs: 

  • Hardware Customization – Make your gift unique through personalization. Our direct UV color print, laser etching and StealthArmor solutions customize your gift by adding the recipient’s name, your company logo or artwork directly on the device.

  • Digital Personalization – Customize the user’s experience of a new smartwatch or tablet, such as Apple Watch, iPad or iPad mini, with custom wallpaper or other digital content.

  • Custom Packaging & Gift Wrap – Create a memorable gift with custom packaging, device sleeves, insert tags, custom boxes and even gift wrap.

  • Kitting & Shipping – Kit multiple items together in one package and have them shipped to one or multiple locations.

2021 holiday gift guide

Inside, we feature the latest premium technology products that FUSION OF IDEAS can personalize, kit and ship directly to your gift recipients. 

Corporate Gifting 2021 Part 2: Solving Gift Giving Challenges

You get it. Corporate gifting is more important this year than ever due to the remote workplace and your employees, vendors and clients being more dispersed.

Gift giving can be a simple concept with complex challenges. How much should the company spend on gifts? How can you make the gift memorable so it’s not just put aside to be forgotten? How do you manage the shipping logistics of sending gifts to recipients in various places?

On top of it all, with the vast selection of gift ideas comes a dizzying array of choices and decisions to make. 

We’ve compiled a list of top corporate gifting challenges and solutions to conquer them so you can sleigh your competition this holiday season.

Challenge #1

What is an appropriate amount to spend on a gift?


While there is not a magic number to how much you should spend on a business gift, the majority of companies budget between $50 to $150 per gift. C-suite, executives and top clients skew toward the higher end of that range, and other recipients trend toward the lower end.

Whatever budget you decide on, keep in mind that the business gift you send reflects on the image of your company. It may be tempting to save by finding knock-off or cheaper products, they can impair your company image so opt for quality. 

Challenge #2

Where should we begin on selecting a gift?


Some companies and many government offices will have a gift policy limiting the dollar value of a gift or even prohibiting gifts. Do your due diligence and check with your recipients to determine the limitations of gift giving so they don’t have to return the item.

Once you have determined if there are limitations around gifting, there are many ways to go about selecting a gift. If your company and clients are local, you may want to consider supporting another local business. With a quick Google search, you may also find companies that specialize in corporate gifts.

Popular product categories for gifts include home goods, technology/electronics, drinkware, bags, and gift baskets. We have found that companies favor technology gifts because they are practical and perceived as premium. Tech gifts also show that your company is modern and forward-thinking. 

Technology devices, one of the most popular product categories for gifting, are both practical and premium.
Technology devices, one of the most popular product categories for gifting, are both practical and premium.

Challenge #3

How do we do make the gift memorable?


Because each one of us receives an abundance of gifts during the holidays, how can you make your gift stand out from the crowd? It’s memorability that drives the connectedness and loyalty from the gift recipient, and ultimately creating the ROI.

Spend on Packaging

As important as choosing the right corporate gift for your client is the packaging of the gift itself. Pay attention to the packaging and wrapping of the gift on the wrapping to reflect your value on the relationship with the person receiving the gift. 

Creating a memorable unboxing experience shows that you put thought into the gift from beginning to end. How the gift is presented to your recipient is just as important as the gift itself. Many components go into the presentation of a gift, from the packaging to gift wrap and even a personal greeting or tag.

Carefully thought-out packaging can be the difference between a memorable gift and one that is put aside.
Carefully thought-out packaging can be the difference between a memorable gift and one that is put aside.

Add value through personalization

If you prefer not to put your company logo front and center on a product, you can still offer a gentle reminder of who the gift came from by adding your logo to a subtle location on the gift. Another way to personalize and make the recipient feel special is by printing the recipient’s name or family name on the product. Personalization shows that you took time to personally think of the recipient and that gift is not part of mass distribution.

A personalized note is one way to show recipients that the gift is picked just for them.
A personalized note is one way to show recipients that the gift is picked just for them.
Adding a company logo or the recipient's name are ways to personalize gifts and make them more memorable.
Adding a company logo or the recipient’s name is one way to personalize gifts and make them more memorable.

Challenge #4

What is the best way to deliver the gift?


The complex nature of shipping logistics can feel overwhelming. Employees are working from home so there is not always one central delivery location. Shipping options and pricing are constantly changing. Tracking is difficult to manage.

Deployment portals can solve the need to manage individual shipping addresses. FUSION OF IDEAS offers a gifting-as-a-service deployment solution, which automates gifting for employees, clients and events. 

As the sender, you can gift at scale and from anywhere. As the recipient, you have the freedom to choose what you receive. Through a deployment portal, the recipient will be able to select a gift of their choice from a virtual marketplace and tell the sender where to ship it. The admin portal will allow access to control inventory, get an overview of orders received and track shipped devices. 

An online deployment portal eases the gift delivery process by centralizing shipping information and tracking deliveries.
An online deployment portal eases the gift delivery process by centralizing shipping information and tracking deliveries.

Once you overcome these common challenges, giving business gifts can yield a major return on investment with both your employees and customers. 

Check out “7 Habits of a Thoughtful Gifter” for more ways to refine your corporate gifting strategy.

Corporate Gifting 2021 Part 1: Unwrapping the Gift-Giving Opportunity

With the workplace being more dispersed than ever, sending a thoughtful gift is one of many ways for employers to keep employees engaged and reward them for their work well done. 

When corporate events went virtual, a gift for valued attendees brought a touch of reality to what would be otherwise, “another online event.” 

Likewise, a well-chosen gift bridged the gap with client relationships that are distant. 

The pandemic has changed corporate gifting from simply a routine to a business priority. 

Furthermore, the $242 billion business is expected to grow another $64 billion over the next three years, as more companies feel the need to boost their connection to partners and prospects that have been working remotely for the last year or more. 

Corporate gifting today is driving home the most meaningful effect: making the recipient feel valued and appreciated. 

Why Companies Give

A new study by Coresight Research recently surveyed corporate gift buyers across companies up to $30 billion in revenues.

The company’s findings detail the changes the pandemic brought about corporate gifting strategies and predict the trends that will carry that business forward.

  • The most popular reasons to gift are to show recognition and appreciation to employees (64 percent).
  • Half of the respondents (50 percent) stated that they gift as a token of appreciation to clients and partners.
  • Improved relationships with customers/employees emerged as the top advantage of corporate gifting, with 43 percent of respondents ranking it among the top reason.

What the Recipients Say

Companies are seeing that gifting is money well spent. Over 80 percent said gifts have improved relationships with employees and/or clients, with 48 percent saying gifting delivered a substantial benefit. 

Benefits of gifting:

  • 45 percent said they received feedback that the gift made the recipient feel valued 
  • 43 percent saw improved customer loyalty 
  • 41 percent recognized an improvement in employee retention.


With these benefits considered, how are you planning your gift-giving strategy this year? 

Stay tuned as we will have part two of our Corporate Gifting 2021 series, focusing on how to solve gifting challenges and adding value to your gifts. For ideas on what to give this holiday season, visit