Creating the Best In-Home Work Experience for Your Employees

Recent events have forced companies to instruct individuals to work remotely. Remote working is not a new concept and technologies like video conferencing, texting and file-sharing have thankfully made working from home easier.  

Here are some other ways that organizations can help employees create the best in-home work experience:

Let them be hands-free

A good pair of earbuds will allow you to talk hands-free while on the phone or on a video conference call. Noise-canceling earbuds like Apple AirPods Pro are particularly great for those who live on a noisy street or anticipate lots of background noise while working. 

Apple AirPods Pro on OtterBox OtterSpot

Equip them with the power they need to stay connected

With laptops, phones, tablets and other devices in use all day, something is always in need of charging. Rather than having several chargers, which may end up in a mash of wiring, help your employees stay powered and connected all day with a wireless charging system like OtterBox OtterSpot. The stackable charger is capable of charging multiple devices at once and it’s wire-free, which also means clutter-free.

OtterBox OtterSpot Wireless Charging System

Remind them they are valued

Working from home comes with many distractions. Remind your employees that they are a part of something important. Many of the technology they use on a daily basis can be customized with your company logo. A branded product also serves as a great gift to show your appreciation and your employee’s value during this difficult time.

Apple AirPods Pro with OtterBox OtterSpot and iPhone

Whether you have already shifted your workforce to remote working or are still transitioning, we are here to help you through it. Contact us today for a commitment-free consultation and get a complimentary digital rendering to see your company logo on your mobile devices and accessories.

OtterBox OtterSpot Brand Experience

As the workforce is moving to remote workplaces and virtual meetings, it’s more important than ever to stay powered. 

The new OtterBox OtterSpot Wireless Charging System, the world’s first stackable charging system, has the ability to charge multiple batteries and devices at once to ensure fully charged devices all day long. This charging system comes with a charging base and two wireless charging batteries, each offering the perfect canvas for creating a brand experience with your company logo. 

With FUSION OF IDEAS’ full-color UV direct printing process, you never have to worry about the artwork chipping or fading. Additionally, we can offer a customized device sleeve that fits snuggly around the OEM packaging for a pristine unboxing experience, or customized gift wrap for a unique employee or customer gift.

Right now, we are offering an OtterBox OtterSpot Brand Experience that includes the OtterSpot Wireless Charging System with a base and two batteries, with a single artwork on all pieces. Variable design options are available for a unique design on each battery ($10 for each additional design).

Additionally, we are including:

  • Complimentary Personalized Insert Card from the company leader or host to help keep the company brand or message.
  • Complimentary Multiple-Destination Shipping & Handling*

*Actual shipping rates still apply. Individual boxing, labeling and handling will be waived.

OtterBox OtterSpot Brand Experience

To get a complimentary digital rendering of your company logo on an OtterBox OtterSpot, email us at or call 949-453-0740.

How We Support the Pet Partners Community

As the second-largest private owner of freestanding veterinary hospitals in the U.S., Pet Partners specializes in purchasing neighborhood veterinary practices and hospitals, and providing the behind-the-scenes support so veterinarians can focus on providing patient care. 

The company’s Operations Support Center (OSC) team works with practices for behind-the-scenes support to help with financial, technology, human resources, purchasing or other business management needs. Pet Partners’ community ranges in size from private clinics to large group animal hospitals.

When a practice is acquired, Pet Partners equips the veterinarian with an iPad that is custom branded with the Pet Partners logo. The device contains preloaded content so it is ready for use with all the necessary tools for the doctor to run the hospital. Finally, a custom device sleeve printed with a Pet Partner image and a welcome note encloses the device, delivering an unprecedented unboxing experience.

Pet Partners bridges the gap between veterinary medicine practice and business operations. By providing the resources needed all on a mobile device, veterinarians are able to run their practice autonomously. 

Pet Partners supply each of the independent veterinary offices and hospitals in its network with a customized Apple iPad.
Pet Partners supply each of the independent veterinary offices and hospitals in its network with a customized Apple iPad.
Each iPad tablet is pre-loaded with software for hospital employees to create product checklists and sign any necessary documents.
Each iPad tablet is pre-loaded with software for hospital employees to create product checklists and sign any necessary documents.
Delivering an unprecedented unboxing experience for every recipient, a custom device sleeve is fitted for each iPad tablet along with a welcome note.
Delivering an unprecedented unboxing experience for every recipient, a custom device sleeve is fitted for each iPad tablet along with a welcome note.

Salon Talk: An Immersive Brand Experience for Social Dry Lounge

Social Dry Lounge (SDL) is a Southern California luxury, full-service hair salon with six locations that offer hair blowouts and professional make-up services. The professionals at Social Dry Lounge aim to make every visit a first-class experience from the moment the customer walks through the doors with comfortable seating, complimentary refreshments, digital entertainment, and professional services. The salon is known for going above and beyond by providing guests with an iPad for personal use throughout their stay. 

For the grand opening of one location, FUSION OF IDEAS partnered with the salon to elevate the brand experience through technology. The back of each iPad used for guests was printed with the salon’s logo along with a stylish silhouette in the background. This imagery was created using tones of white, grey, and blue that match the natural aesthetics of the iPad. 

Additionally, the FUSION OF IDEAS creative team designed a customized digital home and lock screen for the iPads. The devices were also installed with digital content including images of hairstyles offered by the salon, applications that provide users with access to the latest fashion magazines, and social applications like Facebook and Instagram. 

Now used to entertain customers and further enhance the VIP experience Social Dry lounge, these customized devices with digital content are an excellent way to extend an experience into the customers’ hands by providing content that interests both the company and customers. 

How to Increase Workplace Productivity Without Increasing Headcount

Staying competitive in the age of digital transformation means doing more with less. Your organization may not have the available budget for new hires to cover business growth, or you may be dealing with a talent shortage in the areas that you need help with. The good news is that you can increase workplace productivity without increasing your headcount. 

Identify and Address Your Processes

One of the major culprits that slow down productivity may be your workplace processes.

While processes are supposed to help organizations scale up, they are often complex with layers, workplace politics, and interface structures.

When employers can address that pain point by developing streamlined processes, not only can the business dramatically improve the customer experience, it can also increase job satisfaction for its employees. Additionally, you free up time for your employees by creating efficiencies, giving them more room to innovate. A little automation goes a long way. 

Utilize technology

The truth is, staying abreast of technology is no longer a ‘nice to have’ but is vital to compete with the early adopters in your niche.

Go through a complete audit process on your current technology and look for the areas that are most productive as well as the least productive. Get feedback from the users on exactly what would make their jobs easier to do and start looking for platforms that match these requirements. 

Once you have a good sense of your technology needs, have a strategy in place before making software or hardware purchases. Every off-the-shelf software solution does something specific to solve a specific task or process. And it can get complicated quickly when you have multiple software solutions that need to integrate together.

Consider working with an IT consultant to see if developing a custom software solution from the ground up makes better business sense.

Prepare and position for success

You’re making that technology investment to help your employees work smarter. And you’ll be giving them the tools. The third step in the process is making sure they have the know-how to use them.

Make sure you offer the proper training across the company to ensure your employees understand the new processes. Some companies have found that peer-to-peer training keeps employees more engaged and ambitious. Every company will train differently based on its workplace culture. Find that method resonates best with your employees.

To consult with FUSION OF IDEAS’ software development experts on your technology needs, call us at 949-453-0740 or visit