From Desktop to Mobile: Digital Transformation with ChartSquad

ChartSquad provides patients with a simple, HIPPA- and HITECH-compliant way to access their medical records from any provider or practice on a connected desktop device. Its web platform allows patients to quickly access their medical records without having to travel from location to location picking up paper records. 

Empowering Patients with Mobile Access to Healthcare Records

With only a web platform available, ChartSquad is expanding access for patients by building a user-friendly mobile application. The app would allow patients to request, view and upload medical records, and access their COVID-19 vaccine card while on the go. 

With health and privacy laws, the transition to mobile required a strategic deployment plan. ChartSquad signed up for FUSION OF IDEAS’ Solutions Mapping services to take the next step in creating the mobile experience. 

Exploration & Wireframing

The first step of ChartSquad’s mapping process is Exploration & Wireframing. 

This phase allows for the client and FUSION OF IDEAS to take a deep dive into the business objectives and desired outcomes of the mobile application. 

To maximize the mobile experience, a custom-developed solution is recommended. 

The outcomes were then translated into a low-fidelity wireframe model showing a defined workflow process.

A low-fidelity wireframe is a visual representation of the app flow.
A low-fidelity wireframe is a visual representation of the app flow.

Custom Software Blueprinting

To take the wireframe into a more tangible view, FUSION OF IDEAS used ChartSquad’s logo and brand colors to create a high-fidelity wireframe and an interactive prototype of what the desired application would look like.

Upon the final delivery, ChartSquad was also presented with a written technical scope of work and a solutions plan that includes associated fixed costs to build and estimated timelines.

A high-fidelity wireframe adds a company's brand and workflow to provide a static view of the intended app.
A high-fidelity wireframe adds a company’s brand and workflow to provide a static view of the intended app.

All deliverables presented to ChartSquad are theirs to keep. They can take them to investors or even shop around. 

FUSION OF IDEAS’ mapping product is fantastic,” said Chris Carpenter, ChartSquad CEO. “The way all the teams were tied together in the exploratory phase and the fluidity of the process, just perfect. FUSION OF IDEAS made what I had tried three different times in the past incredibly simple.”

FUSION OF IDEAS is a Claris Partner!

We are thrilled to share that FUSION OF IDEAS is now a Claris Partner. For 25 years, Claris – formerly known as FileMaker – has been at the forefront of software development and offers a suite of services that drive digital transformation in businesses of all sizes.  

We are bringing more ways to create successful solutions for your business through software-powered innovation. Claris’ platform complements our App Development Mapping Service to bring you extended options for your software integration and solutions development needs. 

Click on the video below to hear what Claris Vice President of Sales
Ryan McCann has to say about FUSION OF IDEAS.

FUSION OF IDEAS is invested now more than ever to be your go-to solutions provider to meet your business challenges. We strive to create meaningful brand experiences with our branding and customization, innovate with new software solutions and help your business deploy devices to your remote workforce.

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Why Choose A Custom Mobile App For Business Training?

There is a surge in the number of remote employees in the workforce. According to Deloitte’s 2018 “Global Human Capital Trends” report, 37% of the leaders surveyed said they expect an increase in contractors by 2020, 33% predict a rise in freelancers and 28% foresee growth in gig workers.

As a response to the growing number of remote employees in the ever-changing world of technology, many companies are undergoing a digital transformation, which is the integration of technology into all aspects of a business. And in the digital transformation journey as it relates to business training and education, finding the right software to digitize your existing business training program can be daunting.

With an abundance of software solutions out there, how do you ensure that your employee’s Learning Experience will meet the goals of your organization? And what do you need to consider when implementing new training techniques for your business?

Mobile Application For Training

Most mobile users can agree that most of what is done on our devices, from looking for a nearby restaurant to getting the latest news, is done through apps. That’s because mobile apps are faster, easier to use and more engaging.

The usefulness of mobile apps can be carried into business training and education. Mobile applications are driving the market because they are easy to use and do not require a new IT infrastructure when implementing them into the existing training programs.

A Customized Learning Experience

Mobile apps are remarkably different from traditional business training formats. While traditional learning modules follow a linear learning format, digital learning on a mobile application allows for a personalized experience.

While there are many options for training mobile apps, one size does not fit all. There are pros and cons to each software and you will either have to compromise your program to fit the software or utilize more than one software to fit your needs.

A custom-built mobile application allows organizations to remove, alter or add content to fit the needs of the business. Through a portal, admins can push updates and adapt to varied training needs, including compliance, soft skills, products and change management. Training can be delivered to mimic the organization’s actual work environment, and content branded with company logos and corporate color schemes.

If the idea of a custom application is appealing but the thought of developing an app from the ground up is daunting, consider a customizable content management system (CMS).

A templated application that displays content using a list or menu view, a customized CMS allows you to personalize the fonts, colors, designs, and logos to fit your brand. You can add, modify and remove content to fit your training module. With just one template, you can create various versions of your program, depending on your training needs. And finally, you can create rules to qualify how each course is approached.

On the admin side, you’re equipped with an easy-to-use web admin portal where you can continuously make changes to the content on display. This gives you a streamlined way to create and manage an app without having to hire a dedicated developer. After an initial design and development period of the app, the system is entirely yours to control. The end result, a cookie-cutter setup process with unique, personalized results.

Ready To Build?

If you are ready for a custom application for your workplace training program, a good place to start is with the leadership in the department where the training is coming from, as well as your IT team. Getting your IT involved early in the process will alleviate potential issues when implementing the application into the existing IT ecosystem.

It can also be beneficial to survey past or potential trainees who may be using the app to understand the level of their technical knowledge. The more information available, the more prepared your company will be when speaking with an app developer. Start with your end goal in order to properly communicate direction and insight to the app developer.

Custom applications should be tailored to your business to allow greater efficiency. Employees who use a mobile application will get the maximum Learning Experience, ultimately saving the company time, money and resources.

This article was originally published in eLearning Industry.