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Whether you need one-time deployment for corporate gifting or an ongoing program to empower your remote workforce, FUSION OF IDEAS orchestrates personalized, scalable deployment solutions that ensure devices arrive efficiently.


When it comes to deploying technology, we understand the importance of a seamless user experience. That is why we are committed to a white-glove service that allows our business customers to deploy technology without having to touch a single device. We are also committed to delivering an impactful unboxing experience with devices and accessories ready for immediate use.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a business with remote employees, it can be overwhelming to have to manage the procurement, configuration and deployment of devices to your workforce. Having an automated program in place allows new employees to have all the tools needed to quickly begin their jobs. The program also offers Break Fix to replace or repair damaged devices so your employees can continue productivity.

For our Advanced Deployment Program, each client will have a dedicated account manager, who can help with shipping questions or issues and program tech support.

When devices are received back, FUSION OF IDEAS will wipe all data, then securely and safely recycle end-of-life devices.

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