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  • Founded in 2003, Fusion of Ideas has a rich history of disrupting the mobile device market, first with never-before-seen carbon fiber accessories featured in nationally acclaimed outlets such as Wired Magazine and Gizmodo. In 2010, a few years after the launch of the first iPhone, Taylor’s custom solution for a blocked antenna issue on the iPhone 4 was the buzz around town, most notably recommended by America’s favorite technology guru himself, David Pogue of The New York Times (now a tech correspondent on CBS News Sunday Morning).

    As smart personal electronic devices increased in popularity, Taylor followed his keen entrepreneurial instinct and expanded his services to include mobile integration and customization in the B2B market. This opened the door for Fusion to work with businesses of all sizes, leading to exponential growth in a short span of time. In 2014, Fusion of Ideas closed its retail space and moved to an office in Lake Forest, California, where it now focuses solely on servicing clients in the B2B market.

    Taylor is a graduate of Brigham Young University, where he studied advertising and marketing. In his spare time, Taylor finds great satisfaction in racing his Z28 Camaro in the Super Touring Series of the National Auto Sport Association. Outside of the track, he enjoys leading a troop of Boy Scouts, traveling, and spending quality time with his family. Taylor resides in Ladera Ranch, Calif. with his wife Debbie and their two young children.

  • Intro

    It takes a certain kind of charisma and confidence that gives companies an edge against their competition. But where to find that charisma and confidence, and how to embody it? It’s actually simple, we tell our clients, when you’re partnered with a mobile technology expert like Fusion of Ideas where we infuse our clients’ business models with new ways of embracing the most current electronic devices. And it's not just about the confidence that comes with being up-to-date, it's about discovering the ways technology choices can elevate a company's overall work – it should serve a higher purpose. It’s about when being tech savvy also means being useful, efficient, solution-oriented, simple, even green.

    For the past several years, we at Fusion of Ideas, with our endless pursuit to evolve with technology, have worked tirelessly behind the curtain doing this kind of “edge” excavating and procurement for our clients who happen to be some of the most well-known brands in the world.

    We call our work: the Art of Mobility.

    What that means is we help companies embrace technology in ways they may have never considered, in ways that we proudly understand inside and out. At Fusion of Ideas we create unique experiences, for employees to customers, through means of technology, specifically, mobile integration. This is our Art.

    With thought and precision, we implement customized devices pre-loaded with our in-house developed apps into identified spaces of our clients’ business that require a pick-me-up, a virtual boost, or a dose of simplification, in order to craft an end-user experience that empowers them. The possibilities for integration, improvement and efficiency are endless. As a result, these companies are emboldened by its found key to relevancy: leveraging the latest mobile technology has to offer.

  • Q&A

    Q: Who and what is Fusion of Ideas?
    A: Fusion of Ideas helps businesses integrate devices and maximize mobility in their organizations through brand experiences, integration logistics, and custom app development.

    Q: What is the Art of Mobility?
    A: Mobility is more than a necessity in business; it’s an art form. It requires the proper use of technology, accompanied by brand experiences that are seamless and simple. At Fusion of Ideas, we are masters of this craft. We’ve partnered with thousands of brands to transform their business processes and to elevate their brand equity using smart mobility solutions. From planning to deployment and everything in between, we’ve mastered the end-to-end process, and we are constantly pushing creative boundaries to streamline our clients’ operations.

    Q: How is Fusion of Ideas different from the typical logo engraving or personalization company?
    A: Fusion of Ideas goes beyond simply applying a design to a device. We have partnered with the most significant device manufacturers in the world to create a mutually-agreed-upon, premium quality process for permanently bonded color printing. We’ve also consulted with companies to develop custom solutions for integrating mobile technology into employee or customer experiences. We may offer engraving and color printing, but we maximize the value for our clients by providing accompanying services such as in-house custom app development, pre-loading of digital content, and custom packaging and gift wrap. We offer MDM (Mobile Device Management), break/fix services, and other programs that make mobile device integration seamless and easy.

    Q: How is Fusion of Ideas able to do everything under one roof?
    A: We take great pride in the fact that of our services and solutions are executed under one roof at our Southern California headquarters. Our development is not outsourced overseas and we control first-hand every step of the process all the way to the finished product.

    Q: How did Fusion of Ideas go from creating device protective films and accessories to the large-scale B2B company it is now?
    A: We pride ourselves on staying up-to-date on technology and device trends. When the world of mobile devices began to expand rapidly, we found ourselves in the right place at the right time. Because of our existing reputation with protective films (Stealth Armor), we were invited to work with some of the most significant device manufacturers in the world. These manufacturers leveraged our capabilities to create better solutions to help their clients integrate mobile devices into their businesses. By cultivating these relationships and providing high-quality service, Fusion of Ideas began creating a name for itself. We are the only company of this kind to offer all of these mobile integration services under one roof. Now, clients all over the world look to us as a partner in managing mobile integration programs.

    Q: What is “mobile integration” and why is it necessary for companies?
    A: Mobile integration is the process of implementing tablets and other smart devices into a business - including operational processes, sales engagement, customer experience, and other organizational enhancements. The possibilities really are endless! Our clients are amazed at how mobile technology elevates everything it touches within a business. We believe innovative technology is critical for a company to maintain an edge against their competition and adapt to the demands of the market.
    Fusion of Ideas manages mobile integration logistics from initial content to execution. We handle flawless, nationwide (or even worldwide) deployments for our clients, without them having to touch a single device. We handle every aspect of the project, including receiving, branding, uploading, kitting and shipping the devices to their final destinations. We can also build custom online ordering portals, enabling clients to manage the details of their projects. Lastly, Fusion of Ideas performs onsite setups, training workshops, and concierge services such as Help Desk, Inventory Management and Break Fix.

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