Gifts for Customers

The Suzuki Motor Corporation was founded as Suzuki Loom Works in 1909 in Japan, with the focus of design and construction of complex weaving looms. The company found great success in with their loom designs, but began development on motorized vehicles in 1937 to support growth of the company. In the 1950’s the company capitalized on the popularity of motorbikes in Japan and became known as the Suzuki Motor Corporation. The company continued to expand their production of motorbikes and automobiles and in 1963 expanded their business to the United States with U.S. Suzuki Motor Corp. Today, the company is known for their quality motors in several markets including motorcycles, automobiles, marine vehicles and off-road vehicles. The Suzuki Motor Corporation contacted Fusion of Ideas for help in designing iPad Minis and iPod shuffles to celebrate over 50 years of operation within the United States.

The Suzuki Motor Corporation asked Fusion of Ideas to help design some gifts for their customers. The design team etched RM-Z onto grey and yellow iPod Shuffles giving them a beautifully designed custom look. The Suzuki Motor Corporation was very happy at the high quality of the custom Apple products.